Diesel generator -Your Complete Power Solution:

Powerline Generators are the most reliable alternative to "Power Cut" problems. They are ideal for nursing homes, Shop and Restaurant, Farm Houses, Commercial Complex, theater, Banks, Construction Site, Service Stations Add Industries etc.


These are totally compression ignition , clod start, single/double cylinder, four stroke and water/ air cooled engines having clockwiser rotation facing fly-wheel, All the spares used in the engine are made of high quality metal and alloys, ensuring smoother engine performance for a long period, without any trouble due to high compression governor ratio of 16.5:1. The engine starts easily in cold combustion chambers. The speed is controlled by a fixed centrifugal governor which is totally coved. Speed variation is controlled according to IS 10001-1982 specifications. All the Sets are tested on load properly checked prior to bearing the factory All machine carry guarantee against manufacturing defects for six months or 400 hrs. whichever is earlier.


The A.C Generator can be Repaired/Replace due to any manufacturing defect. A.C Generators Improperly applied or installed and accident or damage caused by Over Speeding or Over Loading not considering side conditions for suitable derating shall void all guarantee implied on our part.

Inductive Generators:
These  Generators are specially designed for torque loads ( like Compressors, motors and air condition etc.) Besides, they have better performance elsewhere also.
Engine and Alternator are mounted, coupled, aligned on a common rigid base frame, having provision for antivibration mounting and holes for safely lifting of complate D.G Set.
A. C Welding Set( "Finearc Series):
Range- 220 to 400AMp, Optional single phase light 2.5 to 4.5 KW, Modified welding arc for better welding performance, Stepless current controller, Dynamically balanced rotor.
A.C Generators -Your Complete Peace Of Mind:

Powerline Accoustic Enclosures are most trusted and reliable alternative to sound problems. They adopt state-of-the-art technology to achieve international quality and ensure super quiet operation-so quiet that you can talk over mobile phone standing new the enclosure when the generator is on.

Technical Specification Of Accoustic Enclosure:
- Silent DG set container is of modular construction with provision to assemble and dismantle easily as per site condition.
- 'The Container is Fabricated out of CRCA  sheet 14/16 SWG.
- The Sheet Metal Components are chemically treatted for  making it suitable for installation even in open areas.
- Sound proofing of container is done with high quality rock wool confirming to is 8183 of two slab 50mm thicness and density
  of 96 kg/M3.
- The rock wool is further covered with fibre glass tissue paper and perforated painted sheet.
- The door are gasketed with high quality reopen gasket to make container Dust & Vermin Proof.
- The door handle are lockable type.
- Battery is accommodated in separate stand in container.
- A special residential silencer is provided with the DG to control exhaust noise.
- Specially designed attenuator are provided to control sound at air entry to the container and exit form container.
- To ensure adequate ventilation suitable axial flow fan on NGEF/CROMPTION/BHARTA BIJLEE MOTOR is used to meet the
   total air requirements and air changed.



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